Since the earliest days, our parents have thought us that hygiene comes first. By being clean and smelling nice, you present yourself in a way that shows that you pay attention and carry for your health. The smell of something clean and nice leaves an impression that creates the perception for one individual. And if that is combined with some fragrance, then the package is complete. Feeling the nice and captivating aura that follows a man or a woman that just passes by instantly triggers some thoughts and senses of something nice and enjoyable. The fragrance today has become a huge

We have all found ourselves in the situation when we ask the question how does someone smell so good and that smell lasts almost the entire day? That has been the question that has bothered men and women for so long, that many would just simple buy stronger and sweeter fragrances to achieve that enduring smell. However, there is an entire industry behind this question dividing those scented bottles into Eau the perfume and eau de toilette. So the next question that arises is: What is Eau de perfume and what is Eau de toilette? The biggest and major difference between these two

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