Your Signature Scent Is Waiting.

Our Mission

We’re changing the way you previously thought about luxury perfumes. ODL Perfumes was founded in 2015 with a desire to bridge the gap between luxury and affordability. We specialize in top-quality, luxury fragrances at everyday prices. Our founders, along with our team of perfume experts, hand-select each scent in our curated collection of men & women’s fragrances. Aware of the importance of cultural diversity when creating a product meant to serve all, at ODL we are actively seeking to positively impact the lives of people. The well being of others being our primary concern, we have merged our passions for fashion, health, beauty and fragrances to create a product that reflects diversity beyond geographical boundaries.

Our Vision

Deliver high-quality, dreamy, romantic, and alluring fragrances for men & women. We pride ourselves on providing premium fragrances at affordable prices. We hope to be your go-to destination to find your next signature scent.

Why Roll-On Perfume?

At ODL, we’ve perfected rollerballs. While they may be small in size, our fragrances pack a big punch. Our fragrances aren’t just easy to carry, but you won’t waste any product during application. We’re helping you get the best bang for your buck while keeping you smelling great no matter where you are. Our rollerballs make re-applying your go-to scent easy. Just throw them in your purse, car, or gym bag

Our Formula

We’ve also opted to leave out alcohol in our men and women’s fragrances. Traditionally, alcohol is used to speed up evaporation in perfume, which shortens the scent’s lifespan. Our perfumes are made with an exclusive oil base instead of alcohol, making our EDP (Eau de Parfum) last longer while never drying out your skin.

Your signature scent is waiting.