The beauty industry has changed and upgraded so much in the last few years and introduced novelties that were unimaginable in the past. This does not only refer to the manufacturing and development process, but it also includes everything starting from ingredients, testing, and final packaging. The enormous pollution in the world has forced many industries including the beauty industry, to introduce changes that are for the better.  One thing that has been a very hot topic in the last few years is the cruelty in the beauty industry. Back in the time, developing and manufacturing new products and its testing

We all love wearing perfumes. The wonderful and captivating smell is something that leaves a pleasant aura to the people in the nearest environment. Since the earliest times, fragrances were considered a social symbol status. Women who wore them belonged to the upper class and were considered rich. Today, the fragrance industry is so developed and advanced that there are so many notes and fragrances that can suit everyone’s budget. But one thing that is widely looked for and desired is the longevity of the perfume. How to choose a perfume that will last longer and will not fade away just

ODL’s product roster has been conceived for people on the go seeking the ultimate in convenience. We offera very unique product and the next generation in rollerball application for fragrances with an innovativeand patented process that will have a lasting impression on anyone who will use it. Easy to apply, ultra longlasting, alcohol free, ODL fragrances can be applied at the pulse points (inner wrists, throat base, behind theear lobes, inner elbows). Your body’s heat acts as the fragrance’s release mechanism.

We have all found ourselves in the situation when we ask the question how does someone smell so good and that smell lasts almost the entire day? That has been the question that has bothered men and women for so long, that many would just simple buy stronger and sweeter fragrances to achieve that enduring smell. However, there is an entire industry behind this question dividing those scented bottles into Eau the perfume and eau de toilette. So the next question that arises is: What is Eau de perfume and what is Eau de toilette? The biggest and major difference between these two

Using perfume does not just mean wearing it. It is much more than that. It includes storage, taking care of it, and applying it. Although most people think that they can just pour a huge amount of perfume on them and go out the door that is certainly not the proper way. The fragrance needs to be adequately applied and used so that you can get the most out of it. Here are some tips on how to use perfume in the best possible way: Apply it on the pulse points The pulse points are places that warm-up and diffuse the fragrance across

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