Grab it, Dab it, Bag it & Go

ODL’s product roster has been conceived for people on the go seeking the ultimate in convenience. Easy to apply, ultra long lasting, alcohol free, ODL fragrances can be applied at the pulse points (inner wrists, throat base, behind the ear lobes, inner elbows). Your body’s heat acts as the fragrance’s release mechanism. When you feel the scent’s aroma running low it’s simple, Grab it, Dab it, Bag it and Go!

The ODL Vision

At ODL we passionately believe in expressing our vision and aspirations. ODL has taken many aspects into consideration one being the recipe for success, creating a premium product that is affordable. Incorporating inspiration, elegance, and luxury in everything we do and always putting customers and consumers first.


  • We at ODL Perfumes, never did nor will test on animals.
  • All of our fragrances are oil based and free of alcohol content.
  • SPCA.
  • School of Higher Learning Cape Town, SA, 2030.

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