We all love wearing perfumes. The wonderful and captivating smell is something that leaves a pleasant aura to the people in the nearest environment. Since the earliest times, fragrances were considered a social symbol status. Women who wore them belonged to the upper class and were considered rich. Today, the fragrance industry is so developed and advanced that there are so many notes and fragrances that can suit everyone’s budget.

But one thing that is widely looked for and desired is the longevity of the perfume. How to choose a perfume that will last longer and will not fade away just after the first hour? Well, the secret lies in the base on the perfume itself – more precisely, whether there is alcohol or oil presence in it.

Much researches have been done to explain and divide the benefits between oil-based and alcohol-based perfumes and with that get a winner. For the sake of the natural oils and the natural approach, here are the benefits of why choosing oil-based perfumes is a better choice:

They are more long-lasting

Compared to the alcohol-based perfumes, the oil-based perfumes are much more long-lasting and their scent can be felt for a long time. The main reason for this is that alcohol quickly evaporates in the air, while the oil absorbs in the skin and provides a more lasting aura. The alcohol-based perfumes last about 1-3 hours on average while the oil-based ones can last 6-15 hours. This also reflects on the amount of perfume that is used. Since the oil-based tend to last longer, you will not need to spray it more than 2-3 times and with that, the bottle will last longer.

They do not dry the skin

One important thing to know when choosing a perfume is to know that alcohol-based perfumes dry the skin. This is not good for those who have dry or sensitive skin because it only contributes to the dryness. The oil-based however, contain some oils as an ingredient. The oil in its nature has a hydrating benefit, which makes the perfume also hydrating and does not dry the skin. 

They are more unique in the scent

Everything that is chemically produced tends to repeat, and the same goes for the perfumes too. The oil-based perfumes are more unique and provide different smell when applied to different skins. With the oil-based perfumes, you will most definitely show a true and new scent.

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