Using perfume does not just mean wearing it. It is much more than that. It includes storage, taking care of it, and applying it. Although most people think that they can just pour a huge amount of perfume on them and go out the door that is certainly not the proper way. The fragrance needs to be adequately applied and used so that you can get the most out of it.

Here are some tips on how to use perfume in the best possible way:

Apply it on the pulse points

The pulse points are places that warm-up and diffuse the fragrance across the entire body. The pulse points that are normally exposed and that deliver a slower but more interesting flow of the scent. Here is where it should be applied:

Wrists – a popular place for perfume application;

Temples – applying perfume on the temples is known to release stress;

Behind ears / neck – this is the best way to apply perfume and create sense of silage;

Collar bones – the alluring smell has a better effect when applied on the collar bones;

Behind knees – the application behind the knees provides muted and subtle aura. 

Apply it on the top of the ears!

This secret tip is very efficient. The top of the ears is oilier than the skin behind them, so the fragrance will hold better on oily skin. Go over the rollerball over the tips or the ears and the scent will lock in.

For more perfume tips and tricks, go to ODL Perfumes.

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