Since the earliest days, our parents have thought us that hygiene comes first. By being clean and smelling nice, you present yourself in a way that shows that you pay attention and carry for your health. The smell of something clean and nice leaves an impression that creates the perception for one individual. And if that is combined with some fragrance, then the package is complete. Feeling the nice and captivating aura that follows a man or a woman that just passes by instantly triggers some thoughts and senses of something nice and enjoyable. The fragrance today has become a huge

Using perfume does not just mean wearing it. It is much more than that. It includes storage, taking care of it, and applying it. Although most people think that they can just pour a huge amount of perfume on them and go out the door that is certainly not the proper way. The fragrance needs to be adequately applied and used so that you can get the most out of it. Here are some tips on how to use perfume in the best possible way: Apply it on the pulse points The pulse points are places that warm-up and diffuse the fragrance across

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